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Where do we meet?

I'm based in NYC and am available to meet at your upscale hotel or I'm happy to handle the arrangements for an additional fee.  Although I love my city, I was born a rambling woman and travel often for various reasons.  Although I do not "tour", I am occasionalIy in other cities with just a touch of time for a selective meeting.  Updates will be on my twitter and instagram.  I'm always open to fly or train to wherever you are!

How will you prepare for our meet?

Nothing makes me feel like I can take on the world like being clean, sparkly, and well-suited.  Whether it's an inconspicuous pair of jeans to sneak through your hotel lobby, a cocktail dress to accompany you to a reception, or business attire to play off that I'm your personal assistant, be assured that I will dress the part perfectly.  However, the hottest thing of all is when you buy me exactly what you want me to wear.  I'm getting shivers just writing this.

How should I prepare for our meet?

I like my gentleman the same way I like my bouquets of flowers–fresh, crisply cut, heavenly scented, and holding an envelope with a gift in it.  Please have the envelope with the donation in it ready when we first meet so that we can get down to smelling each others roses.

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If we're going to be with each other for 2 hours or more, then let's live a little and explore the world beyond the bedroom!  (If you are unable to do so due to privacy concerns, please let me know and we will make appropriate arrangements.)  If we are spending a full day or traveling together, I ask that I get a full 7 hours of beauty sleep and a couple hours to myself to go for a run, meditate, or make a call.


I ask for 25% deposit for all dates, with new suitors and old friends alike.  For travel I ask for a 50% deposit.  If for some reason you must cancel within 48 hours of our date, I ask for the full amount.  If I have to cancel for some reason I will return the deposit in full immediately.

Ok, I've read it all. Now how do I introduce myself?

I'm a busy girl juggling a lot of different hats (see bio for similarly vague descriptions) and so I only meet with a few select suitors.  I prioritize time with gentlemen who I have built a great connection with.  If we haven't met yet, that's ok!  In your request tell me a bit about yourself and if you have references please include them.  If you don't have references, I ask for a photo ID and a website with your name and photo such as LinkedIn.  If you require a NDA, please send it over at least 24 hours before the date. 

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