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A series of one hour playlists inspired by 

New York City hotels

Entering the Greenwich in Tribeca feels like coming home--that is, if your home had an Italian Style courtyard, a roaring fireplace, your brother was Robert De Niro, and your dad's art was hanging on the wall. This collection is as classic, understated, and warm as this home away from home.

The cutting edge never felt so smooth. The Aman is the pinnacle of modern quiet luxury and so pairs nicely with some minimal neo soul. After your spa treatment, listen to this and melt into the bliss of sleek lighting and soothing synths, topped off with just a touch of natures sounds and experimental jazz.

This playlist is like shot of auditory adrenaline and pairs perfectly with NY's quintessential hotel to get down. Start the night at the iconic Boom Boom Room, followed by a round at Le Bain, and cap it off in one of the hotel's palatial suites, bumping this playlist.

Grab some egg nog, cuddle up with someone warm, and have yourself a sexy little Christmas. This playlist is as classic as Christmas at the Plaza and starts off with the undisputed number one holiday song to do a striptease to.

in the


What do Valentines' Day chocolates, the Baccarat Hotel, and this playlist have in common? A heavy dose of corn syrup that's both indulgent and addicting. But hey, sometimes it's fitting to belt out love songs and write a love note with a feather quill pen.

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